• Saturday, 30 September 2023




Kyrgyzstanis in the USA raised more than 160 thousand dollars for Batken residents

The Kyrgyz diaspora in the United States has raised more than $ 160,000 for victims from the Tajik military in the border region of Batken oblast. Action in support of Batken residents continues to this day.

Kyrgyz Embassy in the United States reported how much funds were collected by Kyrgyz people in different parts of America:

• New York City – $ 20,000;
• Ohio State – 15.7 thousand dollars;
• City of Pittsburgh – 12 thousand dollars;
• City of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) – 12 thousand dollars;
• City of Chicago (Illinois) – 93.6 thousand dollars;
• Another part of the city of Chicago (Illinois) – 12 thousand dollars.

The diplomatic mission of Kyrgyzstan in the United States thanks all compatriots for the assistance provided to the residents of the Batken region.

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